VIP Treatment – All the bells and whistles!


No Frills – basic and bare bones.

London Pegging for Newbies
Newbies Pegging London
London Assgasm Guarantee
London Strapon Special


PS-300 – I recommend you choose the Newbies Pegging London option if you’re a complete newbie, or if you’ve done a bit of butt play but not done strap on play before. You should also choose this option if you’ve done a bit (or a lot) of pegging but have never had multiple assgasms and multiple assgasms are what you’d like to experience. I would also recommend this option if you think you may have had an assgasm before but you are not 100% sure.

AG-125 – If you aren’t confident that you’ll be able to achieve multiple assgasms in our first session, or if you don’t believe I will be able to activate you so quickly, you’re welcome to book My London Assgasm Guarantee.

SO-250 – If you’ve definitely had multiple assgasms before, then you can choose the London Strapon Special. You can also choose this option if you’re not interested in experiencing multiple assgasms, and just want some Mistress cock filling your ass!  Because that’s all you get with this one – none of the info, none of the activation effots, just regular Mistress cock in ass action.

If you’re looking for more activities to be incorporated into your session than just pegging, there are some Add-Ons available, or for the best experience you should book in at My Regular Tribute Rate, where you’ll find most of the activities that I offer are included.


SAME DAY BOOKINGS – These are only occasionally available, and are not available to book through my Online Booking System. It pays to be organised and make your booking in advance though, so that you won’t be disappointed. For booking requests made within 24 hours/for the next day, My Regular Tribute Rates apply, and by contacting Me you understand and acknowledge this. Please EMAIL Me on and then be patient. If I am not already in session, or asleep, I will attempt to get back to you asap.

TRIBUTES – Tributes are ALWAYS taken in full in advance. No tribute, no session – no exceptions. If you have done your research properly you will know I’ve been established and fully immersed in the London scene since 2010, learning the craft and undertaking training, mentoring and much practising, before properly launching My career as a Professional Dominatrix. I have literally hundreds of Testimonials, spanning this entire time. I run multiple events, and am affiliated with many of My peers in and around London. Please always thoroughly research any service provider before booking, regardless of who that may end up being.

WORK HOURS – My usual hours of operation are 12pm-11.30pm Monday to Friday. Yes, that is indeed a long day. I do all My own Admin, which I attempt to fit in around sessions (so please be patient!). I am also available some weekends Saturday & Sunday 2pm-11pm. Contrary to what some of you seem to think, I am not on call for you 24/7. I am not a fetish dispenser, nor am I a robot who can simply plug in and recharge – I am a real live human with a lot on My plate. Just like the next person I need to sleep, eat, I occasionally get sick. I have a life outside of my job (yes, this is My job, and it’s a very busy and demanding one at that!) and unlike what you seem to expect – I’m not directly attached to My laptop or My phone.

HOW TO CONTACT ME – For  My Specials and discounted sessions? You don’t. When you book yourself in via My London Online Booking System, that means you’re not taking up My time, which then results in My time being free to focus on My sessions and admin. That’s why these sessions are discounted. To book a session to the location I’m touring in, you should use this page of My Online Booking System.  If you need your hand held throughout the process, you’re taking up My time, and that means My Regular Tribute Rates apply.

If you want to book in at My Regular Tribute Rates, and you know what you want, you can also use My Online Booking System, but if you have any questions or queries, contact Me HERE.


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