Due to the ongoing disruption caused by CoronaVirus, I  request that the people who book in to see Me provide some health information prior to departing for our appointment. I also discuss health in more depth during our pre-chat.

As some of My clients are in the high risk category, and some of My clients also have vulnerable loved ones, My aim is to not pass anything on (in either direction).  When you arrive at My venue, I will ask you to wash your hands, temperature test you, and I will also conduct another Covid Rapid Lateral Flow test on you before we session.

For our appointment, I ask you to please bring two tests with you, unopened and unused. The reason for bringing two tests is in case one fails.  If you would like to leave any unused ones with Me, that would be incredible! Alternatively, I am able to provide a 15 minute fast test for you, so please bring £2 with you to cover the cost of this test. I test Myself every day and I am happy to show attendees My test when they arrive.

As for vaccinations – I am not concerend whether or not you are vaccinated. My primary concern is to ensure you are not testing positive with Covid, and to therefore minimise the risk of transferring that infection to anyone else.

Thank you for your consideration with this.